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As the daughter of a magician and his assistant, I’ve always been enchanted by the alternate realities theatre and film present to us. To lose oneself in another world is something deeply poetic and magical to me. From a desire to access these distant worlds, I use my artistic practice as a means to extend them into our reality. 

My installations are domestic scenes that suggest the presence of a character or the illusion that something is about to happen. The atmosphere within them plays a crucial role, which is affected by the nearness of my pastel drawings, referencing unidentified movie stills, and my own projected films. In these films and in my performances, I act out traditional feminine roles idealised by western society in the 20th century, such as the housewife. 

Looking back on the past reveals how much has changed within a relatively short period of time, but also how outdated ideals still permeate into contemporary society. By doing so, I wish to honour my foremothers, who as women didn’t have the same liberties as I have now.

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