/ Portraits

Large pastel portraits, mostly drawn from movie stills. Film provides a vast source of facial expressions portrayed by actors and I’m interested in what their exteriors can reveal about a person’s thoughts, emotions or inner world. I like to think of acting as a way of translating mental processes into something that can be read by means of the body. What I’m trying to capture in my portraits is an external reflection of the figure’s emotions and contemplations.


Lydia (2017) Pastels on paper, 88 x 88 cm.


San Junipero (2017) Pastels on paper, 77 x 93 cm.


The Disposition of Anguish (2017) Acrylic paint on paper, 107 x 67 cm.


Some Doubt (2016) Charcoal on paper, 164 x 144 cm.


On the Verge of Definition (2015) Pastels on paper, 155 x 141 cm.


Silent Ingrid (2015) Pastels on paper, 150 x 148 cm.


Wall Drawing (2016) Pastels on MDF board.


Inquiry (2015) Pastels on paper, 156 x 120 cm.


Esther (2014) Pastels on paper, 149 x 146 cm.


Clementine (2014) Pastels on paper, 79 x 140 cm.


Hunters 1 (2014) Pastels on paper, 70 x 50 cm.


Hunters 2 (2014) Pastels on paper, 70 x 50 cm.