Film drawings

/ Film drawings

All of these drawings are appropriations of film stills. By taking the images out of their moving, cinematic context, they are no longer defined by the events that happen before and after the moment they represent. Thus, they open up to more than one interpretation of a particular situation. In the works, I explore what information can still be deduced from the frozen scenes as isolated moments in time. Besides the gazes and body-linguistic interactions between the characters, the space around them, or the mise-en-scéne, is of great importance to suggesting a certain atmosphere or narrative.


Clasp (2019) Pastels on paper, 56 x 36 cm.


Envelop (2019) Pastels on paper, 56 x 34 cm.


Under Her Gaze (2018) Pastels on paper, 115 x 63,5 cm.


Intruder (2018) Pastels on paper, 98 x 46,5 cm.


16:25 (2018) Pastels on paper, 84,5 x 40 cm.


Command or Defy (Dyptich) (2018) Pastels on paper, 2x 70 x 41,5 cm.


Sequence (Dyptich) (2018) Pastels on paper, 2x 60 x 42,5 cm.


Untitled (2017) Colored pencil on paper, 30 x 21,5 cm.


SOUP / DINNERS (2017) Colored pencil on paper, 30 x 21,5 cm.


Phonebooth (2017) Colored pencil on paper, 30 x 21,5 cm.


Hold the Phone (2017) 84,5 x 60 cm.


Lydia (2017) Pastels on paper, 88 x 88 cm.


The Disposition of Anguish (2017) Acrylic paint on paper, 107 x 67 cm.