A Fiendish Conclusion

/ A Fiendish Conclusion

In 2017 I was invited alongside other recent graduate artists to make a work for the JONG III exhibition, which mused the theme of the (Counter-)Reformation and its 500 year anniversary. I chose to work from an overarching impression of struggle and resistance that went on during this period between the Catholic and Protestant church rather than a particular event. My inspiration for the work came from the imagery of early Dutch, Christian painters such as Rogier van der Weyden and Hans Memling, who were active during the period that predates the Reformation. I decided on a tryptich because it creates the possibility to assemble unrelated images that display a new narrative when put together.



Antagonist (2017) Pastels on paper, 100 x 160 cm.


Hunger (2017) Pastels on paper, 80 x 160 cm.